Calming Shampoo - Wild Rose

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A luxurious and mild hair cleanser which binds moisture to the hair improving its overall strength and leaves behind a fresh and clean scalp.

Containing Shikakai, Reetha and Amla extracts which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Apply directly onto a wet scalp, massaging gently, to work up a lather for 1-2 minutes. Rinse well and repeat if necessary. Follow with the Wild Rose Conditioner.


Aqueous Distillate of Cinnamon & Cupressus Bark, Neem & Bay Leaf and Globe Thistle Flowers – 1.2% each, Reetha extract -6.5%, Wheat Germ Oil – 0.6%, Shikakai Extract – 6%, Lemon juice -0.34%, Amla Extract -6%, Coconut Oil derived base -39.5%, Rose Oil– 0.5%, 2-Phenoxyethanol (Paraben-free)- 0.2% and Aqua – qs.

Qty Size: 200ml
Type: Shampoo

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