Nourishing Lotion - Sandalwood

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Anoint dry and dehydrated skin with this deeply quenching and spiritually calming lotion bursting with rare Indian Sandalwood known for centuries for its ability to heal dry, inflamed, over worked or stressed skins. Divinely soothing and deeply nourishing. 

The nourishing properties of sandalwood are effective in soothing dry, inflamed and stressed skin


Aqueous Distillate of Cinnamon & Cupressus Bark, Neem & Bay Leaf and Globe Thistle Flowers – 2.4% each, Rape Seed Oil – 5%, Almond Oil – 1%, Inert Base of Plant derived – Stearic acid – 0.2%, Polysorbate – 0.9%, sorbitan Monostearate – 1.2% and Glyceryl Monostearate – 2%, Sandalwood Oil – 0.3% , 2-Phenoxyethanol (Paraben-free) – 0.2%, Aqua - qs

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