Purifying Clay Mask (Oily & Combination Skin) - Sandalwood, Turmeric & Basil

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This Kaolin clay mask is effective in deep cleaning the pores and fights against acne and blackheads. Basil and turmeric have antibacterial and soothing properties that revitalize and bring a glow to dull skin. Purifies and stimulates cell renewal by drawing out impurities from the skin. 

Mix the powder with water in a ratio of 1:1 to maintain a liquid consistency, ensure that it does not become a thick paste in order to avoid over drying of the skin. Apply evenly all over the face with a soft brush or using your fingers. Keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes till completely dry. Wash off with water and pat dry. Use a facial moisturiser once complete.


Turmeric-0.8%, Sandalwood-0.8%, Orange peel-1%, Almond Meal-6.5%, Margosa-0.8%, Basil Oil-0.1%, Kaolin Clay-qs.

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