Gentle Cleansing Cream (Normal & Dry Skin) - Sandalwood & Rose

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Containing pure essential oil of Sandalwood and Rose.

Nourishes and protects as it gently removes oil and pollution build up on the skin. It balances the skin, removing the blemish causing bacteria which lingers on the surface. It reduces irritation and redness on the skin as it calms, soothes and repairs.


Aqueous Distillate of Cinnamon & Cupressus Bark, Neem & Bay Leaf and Globe Thistle Flowers-2.4% each, Beeswax-8.2%, Lemon Extract-0.87%, Jojoba- 1%, Rose- 0.3% & Sandalwood Oil-0.2%, Inert Base of Plant derived- Stearic acid-0.15%, Polysorbate-1.3%, sorbitan Monostearate- 1.2% and Glyceryl Monostearate-1.8%, 2-Phenoxyethanol (Paraben-free)- 0.2%, Aqua-qs

Qty Size: 200 ml